Because I am the Best Wife Ever I told Don to take the car to work (so he could duck out early to play golf) and I would ride my bike to my afternoon dental appointment.

It’s quite a different dynamic outside regular commute times! You’d think it would be the worse in morning and afternoon peak hours, but really mid-afternoon seems terrible (based on my sample of one day) – so many inattentive and careless drivers! 

My dental appointment went okay, but I now have root planing in my very near future – which I suspect will be as unpleasant as it sounds. My very regular flossing is really good – except for right at the back in the very hard to get to bits – where it is not good at all. I’ve apparently got some gum swelling and such. Rats!

Then after diving with death I arrived home to discover a poor dead fish. Double Rats!

The day was otherwise uneventful, restful and mildly productive. Perhaps I should work from home next Thursday, prior to the afternoon dental appointment to ensure further restful productivity.

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