I did not go to yoga this morning and felt all the better for it. Instead I pottered around attending to Palacely Action Items while listening to TED talks. I even opened the doors to both balconies and let some air in! While it is still a little chilly you can definitely feel spring on the way. 

I spent some time on the lower balcony attending to the neglected worm farm and generally tidying up (sweeping, pounding loose nails into the decking) – all was going wonderfully until I kicked my left little toe as I walked in the door. It hurt quite a bit but I ignored it and went about my business. After a little while I looked down and there was blood everywhere. All is good, but owwwww, still a bit throbby several hours later.

Even despite the injured toe, it was a beautiful day – though a little smokey. They’re burning off in the Mountains, so a bit of a haze settled over the city, making for a good photo opportunity.

The kitties were not terribly interested in allowing me to change the sheets:

And they now sleep on the bed at the same time – depending on the time of day, whether the stars are aligned, whether there’s an r in the month, or whatever else influences the delicate balance.

Tomorrow? I have no idea – though I do want to drag out the sewing machine for a bit. Not, I hasten to add, for anything for me – I’d like to complete hemming a pair of golf pants Don bought when we were in Japan! So much procrastination!

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