I can’t say I’m a huge fan of these five day working weeeks, I’d really much rather be going to yoga and pottering about making skirts and trying to embrace meditation.

Some Actions for the weekend:
➕ acquire a couple more fish for the wee tank
➕ attack 5 of the remaining 50before50 items
➕ hang two shelves
➕ agree plans for spring planting
➕ hem Don’s golf pants
➕ yoga (didn’t feel it last week, so hope this session is better)
➕ catch up on blog posts

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2 Responses to filler

  1. Harriet says:

    I’ve started going with an old friend to the local Buddhist temple for meditation classes on a Sunday – I’m hoping to learn to calm my brain. We’ve also signed up for a one day silent meditation retreat in December so I have to practice being quiet haha.


    • carolbaby says:

      Argh! It would help if I actually hit reply on my comment!

      How are the classes working? I wonder if something more formal be more effective for me. I’m doing the bare minimum right now (5min timed silent meditation – with fireplace – on the clam app). Though I suppose at least I am doing it!

      Wow, a whole day of silent meditation is really taking it to the next level! I’ll be really keen to hear how it goes.


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