50before50: #20 learn to meditate – evaluating options (day 4)

And the last of the apps is potential project. Mindfulness is clearly having a moment in the biz world right now – this is another one I discovered on HBR.

While this is a standalone app, it’s also an adjunct to a mindfulness business consulting offering**.

The icon looks rather familiar:

This app is really stripped down and minimalist:

Eight guided meditations and a silence with bells:

Again – very minimalist interface for the actual meditation:

And a tracker (of course) – though extremely bare-bones:

What I liked: The minimalist nature of it – no social, very little tracking.
+ Voice is almost robotic – brings to mind a kind of soothing female Japanese robot.

What I didn’t like: Not that I didn’t like it, but I think this is a little too advanced for me. There’s loads of silence and it is an effort to stay on the breath. The large chunks of silence is probably a good thing, but I am not sure I have the mental discipline for this to work for me – yet.
+ ** Can’t say I’m not too keen on the mindfulness as extracting ever-more productivity from harried employees thing.

Things for next time: Increase efforts to focus!

Cost: It appears to be $2.99 in the app store. I got mine for free back in April when I completed the quiz in the HBR article (you can probably still get it that way if you’re interested).

Rating: 4/5 app | 3/5 meditation (but my experience was 2/5 because I found it hard to stay present)


Now all that remains is for me to decide what I am going to go with!

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  1. This series of posts is super helpful. The only one I’ve tried so far is Insight timer. I liked it, but the idea of a long list of people meditating at the same time you were seemed kind of un-calming. We have a three day weekend coming up and I plan to take advantage of some downtime to try a few calming activities.

    • Oh thanks!

      I really hate this everything has to be social approach.

      I’ve now done the 7 days of calm and despite best intentions am still a bit uncertain of what app to choose. I used the potential project app this morning and I felt more relaxed than I did with calm – which is a bit interesting. I’m going to give myself a headspace reminder – and then decide.

      This fast company article is worth a read. It hadn’t occurred to me that using an app to get away from digital distractions is a little silly.

      Good luck in your weekend quest! I’d love to know what you go with.

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