It’s only day two, but so far the no-internet-before-work experiment is going unexpectedly well. I feel more focussed and less scattered. I’ve not forgotten anything in the bike commute, which must be some sort of record.

Obviously it is not quite the same thing, but this is definitely easier (so far) than the no-internet-in-the-evenings project. That one had the unintended consequence of really ramping up my morning internet activity to crazy levels.

I don’t know that I’m especially more productive, but that wasn’t really the intent – I’m a big fan of the calm and quiet and maybe I can get back to that learn meditation project.


The no-afternoon-coffee has delivered the expected headaches, and is serving to make me pretty ravenous. Clearly was working as an appetite suppressant. 

I don’t have any intention of giving this up permanently, but it is good to have periodic resets I think.

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