a bit too close for comfort

I’m on my quest to get some value from that yoga pass, so went to hatha this morning – this week featured lots of hip opening stuff that I’m really feeling several hours later.

While riding back up my hilly street, a cyclist coming the other way came off his bike at speed (while going over a speed hump) and was laying unmoving in the road. I and a few drivers got there there pretty fast to see what we could do. 

The poor guy was bleeding pretty profusely from a very nasty eyebrow gash (and a few other bleedy less horrific cuts). Fortunately I had a clean towel with me to make a compress because there was a lot of blood. It was very lucky he was wearing a helmet because that was pretty beaten up. One of the drivers called an ambulance and I sat with my arm around poor cyclist holding the towel to his head, being the reassuring mummy type (calling his boss, ensuring the rescue of his AirPods) until the ambulance arrived. In very good news he’ll be okay.

This sort of thing does restore your faith in humanity – so many people stopped to offer assistance and the first to respond were all calm, sensible, well ordered and non-panicky.

What is horrifying is that this is the very speed bump I cycled over yesterday without a helmet because I was so unfocused and distracted I forgot to put it on. Yikes. Message definitely received.

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  1. OK, I’ve tried to comment on this post twice now, but wordpress has been stalling me out. Anyway, I am so glad you were there, and were able to go into mom mode immediately (staunch the bleeding, comforting words) without even thinking about it. My son was knocked off his bike by a car a few months back (not seriously injured) in the town where goes to college, and several passersby immediately stopped to make sure he was OK and tail the driver (who fled the scene) to get the license plate number. It IS heartwarming that there are people out there such as yourself, and yes, there are lots of them. (PS – the driver was a young person, his parents frog-marched him into the police station later that evening – he got a citation and a severe talking to – my son had a bruised leg but nothing more, so all turned out well.)

    • I’m very glad your son is okay!

      One of the scarier things about cycling is dickhead or inattentive drivers, I’ve had a couple of recent close calls where I’ve been almost side-swiped.

      I keep reminding myself of this incident when I’m thinking “argh! all people are horrible”. Most are not – it’s just the horrible ones that consume all the attention.

      • so true! The guy who sped off to get the license plate info was a pizza delivery guy. So now my son feels like he should buy LOTS of pizza from that pizza joint in order to show his appreciation.

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