now that’s an idea for a series

So I didn’t get out for that run this morning, but otherwise accomplished everything else on the #tinygoalz list. Hurrah.

Tomorrow I intend to book that week off. Already I’m planning the projects – for it to be a success, I must avoid the InformationSuperhighway at all costs.


I’ve just started listening to To The Lighthouse – read by Nicole Kidman. 

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it – it has definitely made me realise there’s very much an art and skill to narrating a book, which I’m not sure Our Nicole possesses. It almost sounds as though I’m reading aloud (which is absolutely no recommendation, I assure you!) – all flat vowels and sibilant esses (hiss hiss). Not that I am by any means a connoisseur, but I think a great audiobook kind of takes you on a journey and is really immersive, this rendition is not terrible, but is really more akin to having someone sitting next to you reading.

Shameful admission – I’ve not actually read any Virginia Woolf before (apart from a couple of chapters of Mrs Dalloway several years ago).

I’ll keep at it a bit longer.

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