one more day to go

It’s late, I’m tired.

I’ll leave you with this article: how instagram made all places any place**. 

Well worth a read.

** via David Lebovitz’s newsletter – full of all sorts of good stuff – you should subscribe!

I love a good newsletter (especially those almost like an old skool blog), I’m a big fan of Shauna’s for example. Recommendations for others are very welcome.

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  1. Shauna says:

    I love David Lebovitz! And wow, thank you for the mention! I’ve been wallowing in WHAT’S THE POINT-ness re newsletter so you have totally inspired me to get off my butt and write another one! 🙂

    I am trying out a couple at the moment –

    The Sophist –

    The Dolly Mail –

  2. ganching says:

    I found that article on Instagram really interesting and it encapsulates really well everything I love and hate about IG.

    • carolbaby says:

      I felt exactly the same way! I do find myself increasingly conflicted about instagram – I don’t think I am so in thrall to it as I was before my break, but I could easily go back to being so!

      I don’t *think* I follow any influencers, I definitely prefer real people posting real things (oh and lots and lots of concrete) – which probably mirrors my preference for blogging (apart from the concrete).

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