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I ducked out to the optometrist and collected my new/old glasses yesterday at lunch. 

The prescription is very, very mild (if mild is the word I want), but the difference to my distance vision is quite amazing!

Everything is crisp, sparkling and has defined edges – as though I’ve used the photoshop sharpen filter on my eyes. It’s particularly excellent in the evening – lights are not enormous fuzzy balls impacting my ability to see surrounding objects, now lights are right-sized and everything else visible. This is infinitely better for driving!

Unfortunately the replacement lenses cost a small fortune, and that combined with the absolutely exhorbitant cost of my new reading glasses and combination lenses (that I’m having loads of difficulty adjusting to) make me wonder whether next time I visit one of those optometrist chains (like OPSM or Specsavers) instead.

I’m completely and totally down with supporting small business, but it’s getting a little bonkers paying 2-3x the price.

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