three numbers

230 days since I stopped drinking alcohol. I’m rather proud of this – so far I’ve survived any tempting occasions I’ve been faced with. To be honest, I actually don’t miss it very much anymore. Don’t get me wrong – there are definitely times when I’ve thought I’d really love to lose myself in a couple of wines, but I’m definitely better without! No waking at 4am staring at the ceiling, no wooly-headedness, calmer and more chilled. I wish I could claim that I’d lost a bunch of weight and become witty, sparkling and charming, but alas …

147 days until I am fifty. Holy!Goodness! That is all kinds of scary and horrifying on numerous levels. And I’d better get onto actioning more of those items on the 50list … and weeping over my lost youth.

26 days without instagram. I thought I’d do all manner of exciting and productive things instead of the endless scroll heart scroll heart scroll heart. It should come as no surprise that I haven’t really and it remains a mystery where my time actually goes. I’m not sure if I’ll go back, though I do miss seeing what everyone is up to – fewer and fewer  people blog anymore and that’s where I do most of my catching up. The instagram break has led to thoughts of maybe winding up the blog or at least taking a sabbatical – this requires further mulling over.

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