50before50: #14 see a decent production of macbeth

I’d really given up any hope of fulfilling this. Every time I searched there was no production to be found anywhere.

I’m on the dendy cinema mailing list and an email at the end of May advised they were showing live RSC productions. Oh! thought, maybe just maybe, they’ll be doing Macbeth.

They weren’t.

But this triggered another search of the InformationSuperhighway for a production and ZOMG! Melbourne Theatre Company – and the season started in mere weeks.

We’d been planning a trip down at some point in June/July anyway, so snatched up tickets – there were very few available, so we were supremely lucky.

And today we did it …

It was just brilliant, we really loved it. Compelling and engaging and dynamic and All The Things.

The performances were excellent and the sets were incredible. Everything was almost continually moving – so much engineering and utter precision involved. There was (briefly) a burning car (backstage must be enormous)! This is very much different to what I’ve become accustomed to in Sydney where the preference seems to be for a more spare and minimal stage.

before the curtain (obviously – i’m not one of *those* people)

We were quite exhausted (in a very good way) at the end. It was almost a cathartic experience.

I’m so very glad we did this! And it wouldn’t have even been on our radar if it hadn’t been on the 50 list – so yay for that! Also (surprisingly) yay for mailing lists! And for serendipity and stars aligning and all of those good things!

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