maybe delete it all together?

The rainy weather also means that it would be pretty imprudent to ride in to work, so I busted out the wellies and trained it in to work today.

I think the cycling has embiggened my calves because it is now awfully tight in the Hunters. That or I’m getting fat, which is always a possibility – I’m still off the wonderfully delicious chocolate, but am a little ill-disciplined otherwise.

On the trip in to work I realised that my interest in self-improvement podcasts has now officially exhausted itself, so I’ll be unsubscribing from the last of them. Buoyed by my success at staying away from instagram for a whole two days, I’m in the mood to be pretty ruthless about many things on my phone and tablet.

After my delight in the novel-esque S-Town, I’ve downloaded a couple of audiobooks because phone reception on the train is pretty spotty – and the trip is tedious without something to listen to/read. I had credit available, because of course I forgot to cancel my subscription after the trial (that’s how they get you!). 

One more day until the long weekend which is very well needed, but really aren’t they all? I feel like everything is pretty unstructured and going off in all sorts of directions right now – dare I say chaotic? I’d like to wrest back a little more control of all sorts of things, but I definitely need to marshall my forces before making a start on that.

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