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We were having some scaffolding installed on the lower balcony today** and I took the opportunity to do some very light gardening while I carted many pots up two flights of stairs to the upper balcony to ensure there was sufficient space.

I didn’t cart the lemon tree upstairs, but I did harvest (3) lemons! We’ve had this tree for maybe 4 years and while it has sprouted tiny baby fruits before, they’ve fallen off before they’ve matured. I’ve been on the brink of tossing this underperforming tree on numerous occasions, but I think it has earned a reprieve.


the same lemons

Wasn’t certain which photo I liked better, so am including both!

One thing that became pretty obvious is that I need to rationalise the pots on the balcony. I have so many small and mid-sized pots full of mystery plants (weeds) that I let grow because – experiments! Viewed with a dispassionate eye they all look pretty ratty and take up valuable space, so A Reckoning is definitely in order.


** a story for another time

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