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Don and I have both been working exhausting hours and we’ve really appreciated having a stockpile of yummy meals in the freezer to come home to. The stash was depleting a bit so this weekend we planned to make a few meals to bring it back up to a decent level.

It’s been an age since I had a weekend full of cooking, and to be honest I hadn’t really been feeling it. I’d become exhausted just thinking back to when I’d cook 2 meals and treats on a Saturdays/Sundays. 

This weekend though – in the zone.

Possibly this was because I couldn’t exercise (twingy knee from cycling to work), possibly it was also because FutureMe will be extremely happy when she gets home starving at some ungodly hour.

We cooked four meals (lamb soup, pork and fennel sausage ragu, red beans and rice and spaghetti bolognaise) whoch covered 2 dinners + about 7 1xlitre containers filled. Very pleasing.

We’ll probably add a couple more containers next weekend to have enough variety to cycle through. 

I also made some cookies, but I have made a vow that I will not make them again, because I must have eaten about 10, possibly more than 10.

Focussing on cooking meant there were about 25 other things I intended to do but didn’t. I’m pretty content with that outcome.

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