and get back to squats and sit-ups 

On the ANZAC day public holiday last year we managed a 78.52km bike ride (so far that it seems amazing to me!). It has been a while side we last rode and we didn’t want to push it too hard, so this year we only racked up around 40km. I say around because, very very atypically, I didn’t track it. There are issues with my appleid and I have none of my apps on my new phone, so no sportstracker. This was strangely liberating in a way – maybe I don’t need to measure All The Things All The Time?

We rode to my favourite stop, to visit the parent of the wee figgies:

We have a goal to get out more on the bikes over the next few months. All of the extreme walking in the holiday did nothing at all to increase (or even maintain) my fitness and I’m struggling with most physical things – I had to cut my 3km run short on Saturday because I was having such a hard time of it. I definitely need to do something about that!

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