what? again?

I ferried Don off to the airport this morning for his return to Singapore. This will make for a totally weird week because we’ve been completely living in each others pocket’s for almost a month.

I’ve pretty much been puttering around the house and reading since I returned on Friday – lots of tidying, occasional cooking but nothing substantial. The weather has been glorious, but I haven’t really been out amongst it. I’m not sure I’ve fully recovered from the flight (such an old lady), am quite under-whelmed at the prospect of returning to work on Wednesday and a bit meh in general. I’ve also not been sleeping well and have been having quite a some very bad dreams.

I don’t think I had post-holiday blues so quickly after the Japan trip and so am not certain of the cause – possibly the Neapolitan Novels (which messed with my head a little), coming back to autumn and dark evenings? And of course trying to resolve my phone issues is not helping me stay calm and relaxed in the slightest.

I plan to run tomorrow morning (likely only 3km – fitness is wanting), do a bunch of ironing while watching comforting television, a little cooking and not a whole lot else. I think I might be a little frustrated at the dullness and predictability of my daily routines – could be a good time to think about shaking things up a little.


Still no movement on the phone. Telstra have been really terrible at keeping me updated, so after I hadn’t heard back after 24 hours I called again (at 49 hours). I was informed the issue had been referred to the technical team, which could take up to 48 hours – 48 BUSINESS HOURS (which translates to 26 April) and that there was nothing else that could be done. I didn’t yell (though might have been a bit teary), but was pretty obviously frustrated and kept repeating that this was unacceptable, that I needed to be able to make calls and that I’d be calling the telecommunications ombudsman tomorrow. Was then escalated to a complaints officer who was actually helpful – will still take time, but at least they now appear to have some idea what the issue is.

I have a really, really important meeting to attend with Joe/Frank on Wednesday and I *really* need my phone in case there are issues in the lead-up.

There are work-arounds available (which I will take advantage of if I need to), but honestly – this shouldn’t be that difficult!

This, and the original loss of my phone, has made me think about my relationship with my devices in general – I’ve yet to come to any firm conclusions, but possibly I’m relying on them too much.

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