death throes

MCE tunnel exhaust – I love those vertical lines

It’s the last day of our holiday tomorrow! It feels like it is time, I swear once I wash the clothes I brought with me I’ll pack them away for several months, so sick am I of the sight of them.

We fly out late(ish) in the evening and arrive home early on Friday morning. Then I’ll have five days to settle back to normality before heading back to SML. Don is home for two days and heads back to Singapore for a conference on Sunday. The turn-around is bonkers – but I think we just want some home time, however short. 

The break has of course been completely wonderful. We both feel very relaxed. The challenge of course is to maintain this relaxed state when we’ve reinserted ourselves into the daily grind.

Nothing for it but to whip up a relaxation Action Items list.

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