hidden treasures

Last leg of the holiday and we’re in Singapore (again)! Three more days here and we head back to normality and the challenge of maintaining the holiday zen.

While in Singapore, we’re staying at the Conrad using some crazy-good deal Joan (traveller extraordinaire) found on Luxury Escapes.

We arrived to cute gifts (above), an enormous bed (seriously, it reaches my hip!) and pretty great bath (with pink bath salts!). In addition to the usual turning down the bed and artfully placing the slippers, the turn-down service thoughtfully put on soft classical music for us to arrive home to. The music confused us for a bit, “where’s that music coming from?”, “did you leave the television on?”.

Quite possibly the best bit though was opening the bedside drawer and finding copies of The Great Books: The Bible, The Teaching of Buddha and … Conrad Hilton’s Be My Guest.

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