all too quickly

That moon-like object in the sky is the sun – taken this afternoon.

Pollution has been nuts for the past couple of days and our respiratory systems are not huge fans. And we’ve been doing all the epic walking, so we decided to take a rest day today – a holiday from the holiday!

After a leisurely breakfast, we took some laundry to get done.

All this was washed, dried and folded was $2 – the equivalent for the hotel was over $50. They even clipped the socks in pairs with those little plastic price tag things** so they wouldn’t separate – which I think is genius.

We did a few other admin tasks and I had my first actual massage! Sure, I’ve had kinda sorta massages as part of body wraps and scrubs, but this was the first really proper one. I was so tight! I feel so relaxed! I must to this more often – it would do wonders for my running!

Sadly it’s our last day in Hanoi tomorrow. It’s a really beautiful city and we’ve loved wandering about and discovering it. We’re planning to eat all the phở and drink all the egg coffee (which sounds wretched, but is completely amazing^^) before we leave. Then we head off to Da Nang.


** apparently called tagging barbs!

^^ thanks Daniel!

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