fifth stage already?

Those SOScough tablets worked a treat, I don’t appear to have any side effects and I was only once awakened by a terrible bout of coughing. Must acquire some more to take home.

I’m now in the acceptance phase of the phone loss and am taking some pretty horrible shots with my iPad (such a bad camera) and loads more with the DSLR. 

Not having the phone makes me wish I was better at sketching because I’ve long thought I’d love to do it as a way to capture holiday bits and pieces. Don says maybe I should see the phone incident as an opportunity and do something about it. Possibly – though I’m already pursuing enough things that I’m terrible at without adding more to the mix.

Today we walked approximately 13km (probably a smidge more). I’m completely knackered, but this is definitely my favourite kind of holiday activity (including the exhaustion).  I think I may totally claim this as one of the 50before50 hikes – though probably not a hike in the strictest sense of the word. I expect we’ll rack up a similar distance tomorrow.

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