i’ll get one in tomorrow

last wee bit of australia

We’re in Singapore! 

After an 8 hour flight I had much, much more energy than I could have imagined. I was all ready to head to the hotel gym this evening, but my yearning for exercise coincided with a need for dinner and dinner won. I settled for a Giant Bath for energy depletion instead.

This was my first long haul flight alcohol-free. I stuck with water because, well, the alcohol-less options were really shit – tetra-pak orange juice or coke &etc. Booze options – much greater variety. Note to self – buy own drinks before boarding.

I also avoided mimosas for breakfast in the qantas club lounge. Old me would have been all over that – because, holiday!

I definitely think there is a relationship between the no alcohol on the flight and the resultant boundless energy. I did still swell up like a balloon though, so there’s that theory quashed. 

We’re here overnight and then on to Siem Reap tomorrow. And Holiday! begins in earnest.

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