five things to look forward to this week

1. Knut is leaving SML and it’s his last week! After quite the rocky start I would say we are now reasonably close pals, but he is a completely terrible colleague – not at all a team player (which is the worst kind of insult I can hurl at anyone).

2. Five working days and then we leave for holidays! Boy howdy, I really need this break!

3. Even though I could not access any files on the SML network via the VPN today, I made sufficient progress on my worky-work (by scrabbling through old emails) that future me is going to be very appreciative.

4. I’m meeting the CEO for coffee to discuss my thoughts on SML’s culture – this is one of my very favourite topics! I’m quite excited about it.

5. My two new hires are fantastic! I now have a very kick-ass team. And we’re interviewing a candidate tomorrow who comes highly recommended – I will be pleased to have recruitment sorted before I leave. The last time Bobs and KingLouis hired someone while I was on holidays it ended in utter disaster.

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