just a few things

Action Items (in no particular order):
➕ write Action Items list
➕ decide what I’d like to read on hols – acquire same
➕ steam mop floors (where applicable)
➕ make Action Items list of worky-work
➕ do worky-work
➕ run ~ 7km
➕ meal plan
➕ make that cake I’ve been threatening to
➕ ironing / laundry
➕ re-start with the headspace app
➕ potter about
➕ be aghast at pedestrian nature of list
➕ resolve to make future lists less snooze-inducing

About carolbaby

is me!
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2 Responses to just a few things

  1. Shauna says:

    ooh the threat of cake! love that :)


    • carolbaby says:

      The best kind of threat!

      Sadly one I did not deliver – probably for the best as we are utterly helpless in the face of cake / bikkies / slices and we’re trying to eat somewhat healthily (all bets are off on the holiday though!)


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