In a crazy twist I still (mostly) avoided the internet again this evening, though I did look on ravelry for a new knitting pattern. The blocking wires arrived this week, so I can finally wrap up the easy as pie scarf (hurrah!). No luck on finding a pattern that spoke to me, though the oblagon scarf/wrap is a little tempting (possibly because the accompanying photos are quite lovely) and I think I can use yarn I already have.

Don was out at a work thing and Joe/Frank at work, so Joan and I sat around after dinner and watched the minimalists documentary on netflix. Tended to be more about various people’s philosophy of minimalism rather than a “how I live a minimalist life” – we’d have much preferred the latter. Show us your pristine surfaces and empty spaces!

And I finished reading The Sea, The Sea which I liked rather a lot. I think that makes the second Booker winner I’ve read (ever) #luddite

I now feel really quite relaxed.

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