it could just be that i’m losing my mojo

This afternoon, despite getting home rather late, I managed to get myself out for a very slow 3km run.

It was a struggle. The weather was quite warm and humid – nothing approaching the ghastly temperatures of last weekend, but enough to arrive home drenched with sweat (ewww) and very red-faced.

At times I wonder if I should abandon all hope of outdoor exercise in January to February. It’s always horribly hot and everything is difficult. It’s very easy to become discouraged. 

Bobs said he’s considered joining a gym just for the summer months. This could be worth exploring.

Meanwhile, I’m really keen for autumn to make an appearance. We’re getting small signs already, cooler mornings, changing shadows, sunrise a little later. Not slow-roasting while running about  will definitely test where I’m at.

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