1x multivitamin
efficacy: I don’t even know why I take a multivitamin. Am fairly certain is doing much at all, one of those just in case things.

1x glucosamine
efficacy: I feel like my knees creak less when I take this regularly. This could totally be my imagination.

1x hair, skin and nails
efficacy: pretty sure this is doing nothing – no glossy mane, nails quite dry and ridgey. Perhaps this is preventing them from being even more ghastly?

2x magnesium
efficacy: this definitely reduces cramp. when I’m not taking it I get cramps in my calf muscles quite frequently.

1x floss
efficacy: have had minimal dental issues in the 5+ years I’ve been religious about daily flossing. Some people can have great, healthy teeth without, I cannot.

1x nivea Q10 plus anti-wrinkle night cream
efficacy: fairly confident is doing nothing for my wrinkles. Stops my face feeling dry.

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