making the deadline

Completely disgustingly hot day. The kind of day that makes one wish on had done something about acquiring a new air-conditioner for the bedroom to replace the broken one.

9:44am: we’d just completed our bike ride – no wonder I found it challenging

2:10pm: heading out for lunch

It is currently 7pm and 34.7oC (though apparently feels like 35.9oC). I guess I should attempt to get used to these sorts of temperatures – only about 7 (or is it 8?) weeks until we head off to Vietnam and Cambodia. Woo hoo!


Our oven died again last night in the midst of cooking dinner – it seems to not like temperatures of 190oC and switches itself off completely after about 30 minutes. It works fine after it cools down, but this is not really a practical solution to cooking! We went out looking at ovens this afternoon, fell in love with a couple, got home to do research and discovered the gas line for the cook-top snakes around behind the oven in such a way** that we’ll be extremely lucky to find something that will fit.

Alternatively, if the temperature stays like this, I could just leave the food out on the benchtop to cook itself.

We’re really, really tempted to go for the full kitchen reno so we can have a Huge Oven – but that probably would be over-capitalising. Also I don’t even want to know how much that would cost.


** It’s really no surprise that the developer of this complex skipped town shortly after it was completed – so very much bodgy work! Though I am still very in love with ThePalace(OfLove) – despite it’s many, many flaws.

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