flattering sincerely

one of many, many photos taken waiting for ikea to open this morning

Post idea completely stolen from the very excellent ganching

5 things I do every day:
1. get up before 6am, make coffee, return to bed, drink coffee in bed while lounging and looking at pretty things on instagram
2. write in my notebook – 3x worried/stressed | 3x positive/grateful | 3x to do | what I ate | what I wore | general happenings
3. floss!
4. desperately scrabble for a photo for #100happydays (currently at day 23)
5. post here (oh! it’s 13 months today!)

5 things I’d like to do every day, but don’t:
1. 30 min moderate exercise
2. 10 min meditation
3. drink 2 litres water
4. work on items from my 50before50 list
5. read something Improving

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