quitting chocolate is much more difficult

It’s been 73 days now since I gave up drinking with the intention of making it permanent. Yay me!

I survived the festive boozy season with nary a bother, have been out and about and have mostly been able to find decent alternatives to alcoholic drinks. This is definitely new since 2013 when I stopped for a year – back then the options were sugary soft drink or water. Yay venues!

Though I have had a couple of health things going on – night-time cough and headaches for example – I feel tons better health-wise. And sanity-wise. Mostly I’ve thrived on the very intense work environment and haven’t done that much in the way of unfavourably comparing myself to others. Yay physical and mental health!

So all good. 

Of course, some segments of society are still very intent on teetotaller-shaming:

I’m not meaning to be that person, but holy goodness! 

This is the sort of artisan-supporting, independent business I would ordinarily be crazy about. I’m not against drinking, just against drinking for me – but way to be massive exclusionary dickheads, booze exchange, and to ensure that I never buy the alcohol I purchase for other people from you.

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