let’s just try everything

I’ve taken the completely unscientific approach of trying two things in an attempt to alleviate that headache I’ve been recently (constantly) whinging about.

Thing 1: I’ve stopped reading the (backlit) kindle in bed in the dark. Actually I’ve stopped the kindle entirely, mostly because my recent reading was only in bed in the dark.

Thing 2: I inadvertently pressed the left of the bridge of my nose on Saturday and it hurt quite a bit. Don suggested my headache might be something sinus-related (which I disputed because I could breathe quite well), but I had been coughing at night, and ibuprofen and paracetamol weren’t really helping the pain, so I gave an anti-histamine a try (self-medication all the way in this house).

Oh! There was a Thing 3: buying a new pillow. My old one rather resembled a rock, was replaced with a very full and squishy cheap synthetic one which is lovely. My sleep is much better.

Oh! and also a Thing 4: Less other screen time. I’m trying to take time away from the computer and tablet. This has had varying levels of success.

These four things appear to be working very well. It is completely delightful to not be walking around with a terribly sore head. I’m loathe to mess with the delicate balance so I’m going to go the rest of the week with the anti-histamine and afterward gradually reintroduce the kindle at other times of the day – in conjunction with wearing my reading glasses – and avoid reading in the dark at all times.

Of course I’m totally sure that this lack of headache has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Bobs is on holidays.

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