50before50: #44 blog every day for a 12 month period

heart on the ground

I really can’t quite believe I achieved this!note 1

I’ve never managed posting for even a month straight before (as those ancient attempts at nablopomonote 2 will attest).

Overall it’s been an interesting exercise. I’ve definitely phoned it in on occasion (often literally – thank TheUniverse for the wordpress app) just to achieve the daily posting goal, which I wouldn’t necessarily done before.

And I feel like this project has had the effect of me posting less stuff than I did previously. Prior to this I either tended to wrap multiple things up into a single epic post or I’d post multiple times a day as thoughts struck me. For a year I’ve done neither and so have rather a backlog of things to write about, things I was saving for a daily post, but never got around to. I realise I could have stacked and scheduled them – and I sometimes did this, but I don’t think I’m that organised. Expect some epic combined posts or multiple daily posts in our futures.

So, will I keep it up?

Possibly not, but it has been a good discipline, so maybe yes. Decisive, that’s me!


note 1 Disclaimer: there were 3 days where I posted so late as to be considered the next day – but I am still counting this as achieved! My project, my rules!

note 2 Wow! I had no idea nablopomo was still a thing!

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