50before50: #43 5 x hikes of >10km – 3b/5

As threatened – pretty flora from yesterday’s hike! I was really surprised at how many flowers there were about – especially in the middle of summer. This must be a spectacular walk in spring! I will preface this by stating that I have no idea what any of these flowers actually are – though I am certain they’re natives, it’s within the national park and introduced plants aren’t really tolerated.

In order of spotting:

okay, this is not a flower, but definitely native

difficult to spot, but there’s a wee green spider in here

wee green spider

i’m quite ignorant about plants, but fairly confident this is not a flower

nor is this – and not native

oh wait, we’ve already had one of these

I’m really not a flower person – not at all enthusiastic about receiving bunches of flowers – but I do love spotting lovely things in their natural environment.

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