Today I clicked the buy button on some hideously expensive event photos from the Balmain Fun Run. Frugality be damned!

I usually pay the not insignificant fee for every event where photos are available because when I am old(er) I think I’ll appreciate evidence that I could and did run. Goodness, even now I appreciate evidence that I can run (and I always look so happy!). I’m still surprised and delighted that I can run at all (albeit very slowly)!

When I compared these photos to the ones from the Melbourne Mothers Day Classic in May, I was a little taken aback – clearly I’ve put on a little bit of weight since then.

november | may – gosh!

Just what am i thinking with those red pants? I love them, but could they be any more unflattering?

Now I’m by no means suggesting that I am fat (because clearly I’m not fat), but the difference came as a bit of a surprise, I had no idea. Weight really sneaks up on you – holidays with loads of feasting and drinking, general drinking and snacking, being rather sedentary and not pushing the exercise.

I definitely chose the right time to quit with the drinking! Xmas would have been dire indeed. Now I need to push the exercise a bit more.

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