terrible timing

australian pests. adorable illustration from the 1963 edition of the ampol book of australiana – discovered next to the photocopier at sml this morning

Woke up this morning with a wretchedly sore throat. As did Don, which is kind of weird. As we were both feeling perfectly fine yesterday this is really quite aggravating.

And then my nose started dripping like the proverbial. Pah!

I thought I could probably shake it with Positive Thinking and made it in to SML pretty early. 

On arrival I encountered a remarkably clear-eyed Heather who, with Knut and a couple of others had kicked on after last night’s function and got home at around 2:30am. Pah! I drink the water, am early to bed and look and sound like death – and they are completely fresh! Though they did start to fade a little as the day wore on.

I had a couple of meetings and then getting progressively unwell, headed home to bed mid-afternoon. Don had the same idea.

Did I mention this is really aggravating? It’s Old Lady Day this weekend and I was planning for it to be all about embracing the health. I’d booked leave tomorrow and was planning an big birthday Pilates class, Saturday was marked out for a big birthday bike ride, Sunday for a big birthday run.

Current feeling is that this will all likely be rescheduled.

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