so i probably wouldn’t choose the vegetarian burger again

sweet birdy from our hotel in tokyo

This evening we dropped into the local pub to very sedately celebrate Joan’s forthcoming Big Trip. 

Her flight leaves on Friday morning and it’s going to be exceedingly strange and very quiet without her kicking about in ThePalace(OfLove). She’s been here for 6 months and is a very big presence. 

Mad props to her. This is exactly the time in her life to be living out those crazy adventurous travel dreams! (When I was her age I had three children, but those were very, very different times!).

0 thoughts on “so i probably wouldn’t choose the vegetarian burger again

    • The house is a lot quieter!

      And she doesn’t appear to have been kidnapped and sold into white slavery yet – as a colleague warned her would happen if she did not dye her hair black!

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