fast becoming my favourite

stockpile of snacks – we didn’t take them all with us

Woke to a glorious morning and a bike ride! It had been WAY too long – like months and months (apart from the Tokyo bike tour).

It is a testament to my newly discovered riding confidence that when Don asked if I would rather deal with cars on the road or pedestrians on the shared path, I chose the road (pedestrians are terrifyingly unpredictable).

We headed down to the bridge at Dolls Point, had a quick snack, turned around and came back. We were all “I am king of the world” after riding down because it was so effortless. It was only after we turned and were riding into a strong headwind that we realised we’d had a little assistance on the first leg.

Despite our Extreme (moderate) Fruaglity, I’m going to have to get myself a pair of summer riding pants – mine are thick and have a fleece-style lining. I almost cooked and the weather was nowhere near hot.

Completely exhausted afterward and had a nap with the kitties for a few hours. Quite the perfect day actually!

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