i’m your venous: week 18.5

I decided against taking a glass bottle of caster oil in my luggage to Japan (pleased I didn’t – things were quite tight), so there were 2 weeks of the 18.5 where I skipped applying. Otherwise I have been diligent with the 5 minutes morning and night.

So, how is it going?

WEEK 18.5

finally i’ve managed to work out how to take a decent photo of the damn thing

WEEK 12.5


If I look at this dispassionately … I hate to say it, but yeah, it’s not working is it?

Rats! I really wanted to believe this would work. Clearly positive thinking and blind belief doesn’t work either.


But in possibly positive news, the GIANT cold sore right in the middle of my bottom lip is totally drawing attention away from the venous lake.


At least the caster oil is helping a little with the cracking / bleeding all over everything.


In other positive news, I’ve started rubbing the excess oil into my horribly dry and brittle nails – this is working pretty well. Definitely a decrease in the appearance of ridges. So it is good for something!

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  1. Hello, my friend! 🙂 Thank you for the update! You rock, as usual. Now, I don’t know if I’m right, but I feel like I see a little bit of progress in your latest picture. It looks like your venous lake is a little bit lighter at the top in your 18.5 week picture vs. the other pics. I suppose it could be a lighting issue, but it could also be that your steadfast determination to rub castor oil on your lip for all these months is finally beginning to pay off. If it’s the latter, yay!! I really hope you reap rewards from this little experiment. You certainly deserve it. If nothing else, you’ve definitely gotten very good at taking pictures of tricky, hard-to-see objects. 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your continued success. FYI – My results are similar to yours: Every now and then, I feel like it’s working. Then the next day, I’m not so sure. Still have the bottle though, so gonna keep at it. Wishing us both lots of luck!

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