I’m now entering the second week back in reality after the glorious holiday.
The interesting thing about our Japan trip was that it was the first time in ages that we’ve taken time off mid-year. Ordinarily we take a chunk of time off over Christmas/New Year – when pretty much everyone else does. This time the world kind of went on without us – which actually was pretty fabulous.

It does make it quite hard to adjust back though. This week is a little worse than last. Need throw my focus more on the upcoming wee Melbourne trip and Singapore/Cambodia/Vietnam next year! And less of the ARGH! tedious colleagues.

And I need to sit down and sort out those thoughts and photos – else what was the point of taking them all (or having the thoughts!)

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  1. Wait, that’s Philadelphia’s love sign! I’m all disoriented.
    (Philadelphia = city of brotherly love.)

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