almost tasting it

I’m pretty sure this is my favourite photo from the Canberra trip. Very dystopian, nightmare world – post-apocalyptic even. The perfect location for the centre of government.



I’m heading to the airport straight from SML tomorrow afternoon, while Don wrangles the luggage (best husband ever?). I’ve tried to be ruthless clothing wise, but I threw a couple of things in at the last minute – just in case.

It has been a completely insane week work-wise and my brain is just about broken. I think I have crammed about 5 week’s work into the past four days. I have an interview tomorrow at 8:30am (eeep!), back-to-back meetings most of the day and one more piece of work to cover off. And then … many glorious hours of lovely, lovely reading. I have no expectation of sleeping on the plane, so I appreciate the opportunity to be trapped with a couple of books.

I’m so glad to have the chance to get away and recharge. Rome (in 2008!) was the last time I had a proper mid-year break, every other trip has been wrapped around Christmas holidays.

We’re so enthused about making time to take vacations that we’ve just booked flights for a 2018 break.

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