When Joan last visited her (ex)1 step-mother, she very kindly gave us a dozen eggs from her chickens.

They were amazingly different in size and colour.

two pleasing photos to offset the dire next two

When I cracked them, the (unpictured) yolks were an incredibly violent yellow. And they contributed to a pretty spectacularly delicious quiche last night.

Yep, I’m still working on getting that pastry right (ARGH! shrinking).

And still working on taking a decent photo of food (or of anything for that matter!) I’m mostly enjoying the process, but at times both can be quite infuriating.

from iphone

from camera

Looks aside, it was my best quiche yet. And I do covet chickens of my own – but very fortunately have nowhere to store them, because it is difficult enough wrangling kitties.


1 yep, we’re one of those complicated families

4 thoughts on “clucky

  1. That looks so tasty! And I’ve been thinking it would be cool to have chickens too. But our terrier would not go for it. He is already being driving into the madhouse by the huge free-range pet rabbit that has taken up residence over the back fence.
    I do want to check out this event someday when we are back in Northern CA though:

  2. Our fences are high, and the rabbit is pretty well enclosed in his yard (and gets closed up in his hutch overnight). But yes, if our dog did ever manage to gnaw his way through the fence it would not end well.

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