let’s try that again

what could they possibly want?

I’m going to give this weekend Action Items list another crack, despite the process seemingly manifesting a cold last weekend. I’ll ease back a smidge in an attempt to actually manage to cross stuff off:

✚ ~5km run [carried forward from last week]
✚ meal plan for the week ahead
dinner out
✚ knit 2x pattern repeats of scarf [carried forward from last week – was 5 pattern repeats]
✚ attend to eyebrows [carried forward from last week]
✚ take 10 different photos with DSLR [carried forward from last week]
✚ take 10 photos of small things in my excellent foldio
✚ read a book [carried forward from last week – was 2 books]
✚ make a list of things I’ve been meaning to post about (so I’m not forced to resort to tedious lists such as this) [carried forward from last week]
✚ start practicing stretches for the splits goal [carried forward from last week]
✚ moderate length bike ride
✚ make something cakey
✚ face mask
✚ nap for at least an hour
✚ grocery shopping

The key here will be to avoid the InformationSuperhighway rather than scroll and click my way through the two days.

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