With one thing and another it had been almost 5 weeks since out last bike ride, so we were super-keen to get out today.

Unfortunately it was drizzling when we were about to leave, but we thought we’d give it a crack anyway – there was only 20% likelihood of rain, so how long could it last?

We’ve ridden in the heavy rain before and it was all okay, this time though – the road was really greasy and slippery. It was so slippery that I almost ran into a car when trying to stop at an intersection. I braked hard and my back tyre locked and started fishtailing all over the place – it was a good piece of riding on my part, I managed to manoeuvre around the rear of the car, rather than hitting the door and flying through the air. Yay!

After that the rain got heavier and heavier and we got wetter and wetter, so we called it short and headed home. We rode a total of 15km which was pretty disappointing – hopefully we can get out for something a bit longer and drier next weekend.

After we arrived home the weather improved pretty much straight away. I did a bunch of tidying and reading and then dragged myself out for a 5km run in the late afternoon which felt amazing – much better than yesterday’s 5km. I can’t explain what the difference was. But it is very pleasing when you arrive home from a run completely exhausted!

I need to get more cardio into my weekdays. Quite how I am going to achieve this has yet to be determined!

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