This afternoon we had an IT planning workshop at the offices of BigConsultingFirm who we’re thinking of partnering with.

There were 8 people from SML there and I was the only non-male – which is currently the way of things (total sausage fest). I’m delighted my nerdish inclinations are finally paying dividends and I have some influence on Big Decisions.

We were bedazzled by BigConsultingFirm’s new offices and busted out our inner yokels to unashamedly take pix of the utterly amazing views from our meeting room. I think it is a very Sydney thing to be all too-cool-for-school and unimpressed by anything, so for us all to whip the phones out was quite something.

It was a very productive meeting and I’ve spent a bit of the evening plotting strategy and structure with Knut amd Heather. I am currently full of <3 for my job and if I could eventually wheedle my way into a DCOO** role I would be full of immense satifaction.


**Deputy Chief Operating Officer

3 thoughts on “sparklingest

    • I was in the offices of the BigConsultingFirm with the 4 letters.

      I could really do with a concierge service – I would love some (any) amenities. I’m fairly confident you are still way more luxe than us!

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