fear of failure

I’m getting myself into a bit of an agitated state because I need to force myself to have an uncomfortable (for me) discussion with Bobs tomorrow about this exciting new opportunity he’s on the verge of announcing (which I’ve vague blogged about).

Bobs has agreed twice we need to talk about salary and so I’ve been waiting for this to happen. No big surprise that it hasn’t (he keeps postponing our one on ones – to be fair it is insanely busy), so I’m a trifle concerned that he will announce that I’ve been appointed to ExcitingOpportunity and there will be no accompanying salary increase. Best we get it sorted because no way am I taking this on if there aren’t more $$ involved – it is significantly more responsibility and infinitely more work (and so much capacity for failure!).

So here’s a lovely BabyKitty to soothe us:

adorable babykitty is adorable

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