slimy #7 and #8

Behind advent door #7 was – surprise, surprise – another revitalizing oxygen fluid

I didn’t hate it, but I really couldn’t get past the idea that I was applying hair conditioner to my face. Which I’ve never tried, so perhaps I could save a small fortune by grabbing a giant bottle of tresemme.

It lasted a full week and there is still a little left in the ampoule. Because the serum is so thick and the ampoule made of glass, knocking it repeatedly again your palm in order to extract the last skerrick is not really a viable option without inducing bleeding. 


Door #8 revealed Triple booster fluid:

Reorganizes skin function! I’m sad to report that my skin is still functioning as skin and not as, say, a screwdriver or a campervan.

I think this could be my second favourite – it firms just a little and my skin seems brighter (but not in a gross shiny way). Whether I would want to lash out the cash for a box remains to be seen – it’s terrifically expensive stuff.

It has been a fun journey so far – rather makes me want to stockpile advent calendars and bust them out throughout the year.

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