paper paper paper

i think this is allegedly captain cook’s house, though the reason it is located in melbourne escapes me

This evening I spent way too long trying to recover my charitable donation receipts for the 2014-15 financial year from a dead email account. 

I thought I’d backed everything up before it died, but clearly not.

Yet another reason to print a physical copy of Important Things. I’m now trying to scout around for other evidence of payment. Tedious!

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2 Responses to paper paper paper

  1. What troubles me most is that you are already prepping for your tax return! I’ve only just done last years and you’ve raised my anxiety levels


    • carolbaby says:

      Oh no we are not that good – this is for last year. Avoid as long as possible is our motto (especially as we are likely to end up with a bill).

      I like that you think I am that organised!


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