Well, that was a week!

I was pottering away in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon wrapping up the final prep for Joan’s kitschy Italian birthday dinner when Joan called me and asked me to come and fetch her because Ajax had broken up with her.

Yep, just four days before they were to fly off on a romantic beachy-resort holiday to celebrate her birthday 1.

You might mentally insert whatever comments you might feel appropriate here.

Anyway, we had a rather full house for a couple of days, and then yesterday Joan was all screw-it and #YOLO and booked a flight to the US. She’d already had the annual leave booked for the birthday trip and figured she may as well use it. I quickly grabbed her some reading for the flight:

And we were up early this morning and off to the airport:

Good for her!

We’ll be working to make a space for her in ThePalace(OfLove) while she’s away – hopefully something rather better than the current situation of the inflatable mattress on the floor of Don’s office.

The babies can’t think of the last time they’ve all lived together – but it would be at least 15 years. This will prove interesting indeed!


1 Ajax has gone on the trip solo.

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  1. I’m sure you have lots of contacts world wide, but we live on California’s central coast (about 20 minutes south of San Luis Obispo). If your daughter would like a place to stay overnight or tips on where to go in our area, feel free to keep us in mind. Also in the (very unlikely) event that something goes wrong on her trip, feel free to reach out to us for help. I will try to PM you my email address. I’m sure she’ll have a great time!

    • Thanks Katy! That’s really incredibly kind of you!

      Joan only has 8 days of vacation – which she’s splitting equally between LA and SF and I think has a pretty jam-packed schedule. Don’s dad and step-mom are just north of Sacramento, so she’ll catch up with them when she’s in SF.

      So far word is that she’s really enjoying herself and is very keen to return for a longer stint.

      Don and I really need to get over to see the in-laws, probably some time next year – it would be great to meet up!

  2. Wow, we are from the same stomping ground then. My husband and I grew up in Davis, west of Sacto, and my father and his wife live in Chico, about 90 mins north of Sacramento. We just returned from a week in Davis (clearing out the home my husband grew up in). Glad she is having a great time, and yes, it would be fun to meet up if you folks ever come through!

      • Wow! There is nothing between Davis and Yuba City. Unless they live in Knights Landing? I just drove the 113 from Davis to the 99 about 2 months ago. I love the big sky of the Sacramento valley, and the snow geese and sandhill cranes in the winter, and the Sutter Buttes.
        I started following your blog via Ganching (found her via Belgian Waffle), had no idea we had geography in common. Definitely let us know if/when you guys come to California.

        • They’re closer to Yuba City than Knight’s Landing – on acreage near where 113 and 99 merge. I have never visited, but from what I’ve seen in pix, it is really gorgeous.

          I’m still so amazed by this completely random connection – the Internet is a glorious thing!

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