slightly burned finger tips

We’re huge fans of using fabric napkins with our meals. We’ve had the current bunch of white cotton, linen and cotton/linen napkins since just after we moved into ThePalace(OfLove) and they’re looking really very tatty, some even have holes.

I really don’t know how table linens can be passed down through generations – though perhaps we are just particularly abusive.

So in an attempt at frugality and getting some craft on, I bought a couple of meters of sturdy white cotton drill (and arrived home to find the length had been undercut by 45cm – argh Lincraft!) and set about to make some replacements. In order to maximise the fabric, I cut them to a sort of cocktail size – and then they sat about for weeks while I dithered about how to approach it

And after the giant bike ride on Saturday, I had boundless energy and enthusiasm and tackled the hems / edges and mitred corners, which involved a whole bunch of ironing.

I’m taking my time and basting the edges in the evening while watch television, before I bust out the sewing machine on the weekend.

Then there will be a great culling of those holey ones.

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