70 kinds of insanity

So this happened this morning …


We were up and out just as the sun was coming up – mostly thanks to the kitties. Beautiful, but hot, day again – plenty of people out enjoying the morning. I had to divert to a service station around the half-way point to pump up my tyres – hopefully I’m not developing a slow leak. I’m getting a lot more confident with riding and happily tackled a roundabout with cars on it!

We arrived home at 68.9km and decided to do a wee loop around the neighbourhood to get us up to 70km. It was really quite hot and the loop had a giant hill at the end which I struggled with a little. But WOW, I am completely amazed I managed that distance after such a short time back on the bike!

After putting on a pot of coffee and having a shower my vision began to get very strange – everything looked like a fluid missoni pattern was in front of it, Don and Bessie’s heads looked a bit like picasso paintings. Don told me I was having an occular migrane, which was part of what he’d been experiencing when he ended up in emergency a couple of weeks ago. It lasted about 20 minutes and was such a trip! Then I started to feel an actual migrane coming on, which is not so trippy or fun at all, so scoffed drugs and had a quick nap. Feeling quite a lot better now.

I suspect I had a bit of heat exhaustion and was a dehydrated, I was drinking water, but maybe needed electrolytes. Also I’m now rather smaller than I was and haven’t got a lot of fat reserves to draw on. Must remember this for next time. Interesting that Don cycles with complete and utter ease, yet I could totally kick his arse in distance running – stamina and cardio fitness is a funny thing.

Other than the weird aftermath, it was pretty great! I think we could definitely tackle the Sydney to The Gong ride – but of course we need tons and tons of practice.

We’ve ridden the entire route before in stages, so we’re a little light on the new scenic shots.

Misty morning, sunrise. It was a lot more misty and spooky than my phone shows.


A woman was feeding this absolutely huge flock of cockatoos, seagulls and pigeons. The squawking was incredible.


So sparkly!


Sydney AFL. Western Suburbs Magpies v UTS Bats. We were really excited to see a female field umpire officiating a dudes competition.


I <3 apostrophe nazi.


I think this is my favourite sign of all time. I can’t even begin to understand why it was in the location it was (shared walking, cycling, running path) or what it even means.

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