phase two

newkitty would really prefer don stay at home, or go to work naked

Finally I got down to a good relaxing potter about tonight. It has been a stressful week at SML, despite the blissful quiet left after the departure of AnxiousMum.

Rather like when MrT left us, I feel rather like I am coming out of a hostage situation and this has brought up a lot of emotional stuff which I’m now trying to resolve / get past. It seems quite unbelievable that we will no longer have to walk on eggshells around her or cater to her unreasonable whims to get things delivered. What a horrible, negative, selfish, difficult, nasty woman she was.

So I folded laundry, hand washed stockings/tights, tidied, &etc. It was excellent. And I think she is finally out of my head.

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